The FuMP

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devospice - Mar 3, 2020

Fun fact: I also wrote a Mandalorian song for FAWM!

On a related note, you aren't planning to parody "Method Man" by Wu-Tang Clan or "Ante Up" by M.O.P., are you? :)

Carrie Dahlby - Mar 3, 2020

Alex laughed at the "actual baby" line, the diaper line, and your Yoda impression. And she kinda already thinks she's too cool for comedy music, so that's saying something. :)

SlightlyD - Mar 6, 2020

I found it “thoroughly enjoyable” :^)

Father Beast - Mar 9, 2020

How about instead of "Small Round Yoda", it was "Shortround Yoda"? References!

ldlang - Mar 9, 2020

You deserve a grand thank you for this!

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