The FuMP Volume 86: March - April 2021

by Artist of The FuMP


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The FuMP Volume 86: March - April 2021

What's got an arrow guy, an axolotl, and may be delivered by a delivery boy? Why, it's The FuMP Volume 86, of course!

This collection of funny tunes features all the songs we posted to The FuMP during March and April of 2021, including "Lazy Day" by Knuckleheadz, the #1 most requested song of April on The Dr. Demento Show.

This album also features a new parody about Wanda Vision by Jeff Whitmire, and old timey ragtime version of Cardi B's "WAP" arranged by Robbie Ellis, and Ross Child's revolutionary solution to the wealth gap "Air Fry the Rich," plus new songs by The Boobles, Steve Goodie, The Gothsicles, and more!

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Track List

1. Jury Duty by Brian Woodbury

2. Arrow Guy by TV's Kyle

3. Tips Sampler 1 by Rand Bellavia

4. Have You Killed Me? by Joe J Thomas

5. Axolotl Super Powers (feat. MC Lars) (MC Lars extended mix) by The Gothsicles

6. The Ballad of the Unemployed Fact-Checker by Lauren Mayer

7. Stuck Here in Dubuque (U.S. Mail Song) by Carla Ulbrich

8. Staycation by Mayor Wertz

9. I Want It Back by Steve Goodie

10. Wanda Vision by Jeff Whitmire

11. My Girl's WAP by Robbie Ellis

12. Livin' With Your Mom by The Belle Isle Rats

13. Lazy Day by Knuckleheadz

14. Slang! by Ethan Mawyer

15. Delivery Boy by Insane Ian

16. Dryer Portal by Devo Spice

17. Buying Brassieres Together by The Boobles

18. One Wacky Song by Larry Tritel

19. Air Fryer Blues by Ross Childs

20. Love Matt by Steve Goodie