The FuMP Volume 83: September - October 2020

by Artist of The FuMP


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The FuMP Volume 83: September - October 2020

We have another WAP parody, an awesome Weird Al cover, and two new songs by Moneyshot Cosmonauts on the latest FuMP compilation!

MC Lars is a new father, so it only follows that he and his wife Ash would write a song about "Wet Ass Poopies." "Weird Al" Yankovic himself gave his blessing to us including our cover of "Another One Rides the Bus" on both this compilation and the FuMPFest 2020 compilation. And the album wraps up with what is probably going to end up being the official theme song for this year by Drew Jacobs.

This album also includes the full video of Luke, Kyle, and Lindsay's performance of "Another One Rides the Bus" from FuMPFest 2020.

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Track List

1. Listing All The List Songs by Robbie Ellis

2. Bannon and Kolfage by Moneyshot Cosmonauts

3. Black Belt by Van Stone

4. Kasha Varnishkes by Larry Tritel

5. Another One Rides The Bus by the great Luke Ski

6. The Ballad of Salvage 1 by The Brothers Marks

7. Vote Blue by Steve Goodie

8. OCD by The Belle Isle Rats

9. 27 Hoes by Sweats and Spinners

10. The Meaning of Life by Anthony Kapfer

11. Have A Covid Lockdown Xmas! by Joe J Thomas

12. Ukyo Kuonji 2020 by TV's Kyle

13. WAP (Wet Ass Poopies) by MC Lars

14. My Bad by Brian Woodbury

15. Knife Fight by Lemon Demon

16. We're So Sorry, Mr. President by Moneyshot Cosmonauts

17. Spooky Ookie (Halloween) by Devo Spice

18. Zombie Pie by Steve Goodie

19. Homeschool Girl by Undercover Funtime

20. In The Year 2020 by Drew Jacobs