FuMPFest 2020 - Live!

by Various Artists


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FuMPFest 2020 - Live!

FuMPFest 2020 was... not what we had in mind. We had planned to do a big 50th anniversary celebration for The Dr. Demento Show along with all the usual fun we bring to FuMPFest. And then 2020 happened. The live, in-person celebration has been postponed to 2021 and we had a one-night online event for 2020.

This compilation is filled with recordings from that night, most of which were recorded right off the stream, net congestion and all. This album includes songs from Amy Engelhardt, Worm Quartet, Carla Ulbrich, and a surprise performance by the Consortium of Genius. There is also a selection of songs from our Dumb Parody Ideas event and a few songs from this year's Logan Awards.

The album closes with a live performance of "Another One Rides the Bus" by the great Luke Ski with TV's Kyle on accordion and Linzilla on accordion case to celebrate the song's 40th anniversary.

Relive the fun of our first online event and help support the convention. All proceeds from the sale of this album go directly to help support future FuMPFest events.

Track List

1. Welcome to ClusterFuMP

2. Admit You've Got a Bald Spot - Steve Goodie

3. Pac-Man Is Forty and So Should You - Worm Quartet

4. Shoebox's Little Dance

5. Frank's Not in the Band Anymore - Worm Quartet

6. Who's Got a Bag? - Worm Quartet

7. Welcome to Dumb Parody Ideas

8. I'm Luke Ski - William Genich

9. Goodbye, Shopping at Kohls - Seana Huizenga

10. My Son Going Down on Me - RJ

11. It's A Pikachu - iRhymeTheSongs

12. You Are the Salt - Carla Ulbrich

13. Gluten-Free Diet - Carla Ulbrich

14. Joe Should Pop Up

15. She's Kara Zor-El - The great Luke Ski

16. Wizard Life - TVs Kyle and Linzilla

17. Air Fryer - Ross Childs

18. Maxine's Killer Mammers - The Boobles

19. This Is How Elvis Died - Dave Stagner

20. Millennials Are Killing - OK Glass

21. Schadenfreude - Amy Engelhardt

22. I Had a Great Day - Amy Engelhardt

23. Cog Hack

24. Middle Earth Needs Me - Consortium of Genius

25. Mallet of Metal - Consortium of Genius

26. The COG at FuMPFest

27. Another One Rides the Bus - Luke Ski featuring TV's Kyle and Linzilla

28. Crowd Selfie - The FuMP