The FuMP Volume 76: July - August 2019

by Artists of The FuMP


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The FuMP Volume 76: July - August 2019

The FuMP Volume 76 features all the songs that were posted to The FuMP during July and August of 2019. Mikey Mason sings about shiny math rocks (dice), Van Stone sings about his testicles, and The Belle Isle Rats sing about the present from the past.

Carrie Dahlby sings a song about how she was unable to write that song. Jeff Whitmire sings about Pennywise the Clown, and other horror icons. And Devo Spice manages to get through a migraine well enough to release a new song about it.

Plus this album includes an 11-minute behind-the-scenes video about FuMPFest 2019!

Track List

1. Brain Vape by Consortium Of Genius

2. Maxine's Killer Mammers by The Boobles

3. Shiny Math Rocks by Mikey Mason

4. Our Testicles (Aren't Symmetrical) by Van Stone

5. You Need to Run For the Board by Carla Ulbrich

6. Louis CK by Steve Goodie

7. Stupid Future by The Belle Isle Rats

8. Why Can't I Write This Song? by Carrie Dahlby

9. Ramadan Dan by Team Sawrite

10. RetrObituaries by Mikey Mason

11. Officer Freethrow by TV's Kyle

12. Skip that Clown by Jeff Whitmire

13. BRODYQUEST by Lemon Demon

14. Disneyland by Steve Goodie

15. Loot The Room by Mikey Mason

16. Doctor Donald by BS de Resistance

17. What's Up, Migraine? by Devo Spice

18. Any Functioning Adult 2020 by Lauren Mayer