The FuMP

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Deadby28 - Nov 28, 2023

Great Job. The updated lyrics are the icing on the cake. That's some fancy ivory tickelin' on the piano.

scifantasy - Nov 28, 2023

Damn, that's good stuff Luke!

drquinn - Dec 1, 2023

Loved this when you did it at fumpfest! I first heard this song via the "dictionaraoke" version via The Former Yugoslavia about 20 years ago or so. I just searched and it is still findable. At this rate, we won't have to wait another 8 years for a new album!

carlau - Dec 3, 2023

Love the lyric additions!

shoebox - Dec 5, 2023

Ok, new lyrics totally make this. Well done. And Jody kills it on the pianer.

Dr. Demento Fan Account - Dec 12, 2023

I'm so excited when the FuMP tom lehrer cover album comes out

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