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scifantasy - Mar 8, 2011

Heh! I love it--the "Linus and Lucy" Vince Guaraldi references, the _other_ "Charlie Brown" lines...brilliant.

djseamus - Mar 8, 2011

I'm down with D-O-G, yeah you know me! Well done Luke and Co. May the Great Pumpkin bless you.

seamonkey - Mar 8, 2011

Absolutely brilliant! This is the kind of Luke Ski I love. Good grief!!

lukeski - Mar 8, 2011

A-Log - Mar 8, 2011

I smell a hit! I can see this match up with The Royal Guardsmen and their hit about Snoopy.

wildcard9 - Mar 8, 2011

Fantastic song, thanks for previewing it to those of us who attended MarsCon last weekend. I was looking forwards to getting the studio version today.

EclecticLee - Mar 8, 2011

This is a fun romp.

mrwompy - Mar 8, 2011

Funny and well-done!!!

devospice - Mar 8, 2011

I love this. On a somewhat related note when I was in college I had a caricature assignment and I chose to draw Snoop Dogg. I drew him sitting on top of Snoopy's house with Charlie Brown standing next to him saying "Why can't I have a normal dog like everybody else?" Came out cool.

maxgoof - Mar 8, 2011

WELL DONE!! This is the best thing you've produced in a while, Luke. Thank you for the tribute to Charles Schulz at the end. Shame this wasn't made in The Living Years.

Stavro288 - Mar 9, 2011

Excellent tune. I've added it to the playlist for The Mad Music Show this weekend. If there IS a show this weekend, that is...

computerking - Mar 9, 2011

Great stuff! really funny, and I think even Snoop himself would enjoy it... or Snoopy. Well, one of them would enjoy it...

Jeff Reuben - Mar 9, 2011

Love the song! Loved seeing it performed live last weekend.

Insane Ian - Mar 9, 2011

Another classic song by the great Snoop-Ski! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Carrie Dahlby - Mar 9, 2011

This. I like this. Lots.

stevegoodie - Mar 10, 2011

Brilliant! Well done sir!

ProjectSisyphus - Mar 11, 2011

Great rhymes Luke! And congrats on being the first to make a Snoop Dogg song about, well, Snoopy.

CaptNova - Mar 12, 2011

I loved in when I heard this at Marscon. Nice to see you still can knock out hits.

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