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budsharpe - Sep 24, 2007

Galldarnit, this is a great track! Carrie, I'm so impressed with your writing and performance. OK, everybody leave me alone now so I can work on MY track for next week.

Carrie Dahlby - Sep 24, 2007

I'll get the lyrics up later this week, guys. I had them all typed up and then I lost them!

Hurricane - Sep 25, 2007

I would like to nominate this tune as the them song for 3rd shifters around the world! This song is wonder-bread-a-rific, and a special shout out to Miss Sherlock- well done indeed :)

lukeski - Sep 25, 2007

EXCELLENT "Feminem" delivery by Carrie! Lots of LOLs in this one! :D Erin is cute and awesome, and some nice cameos by her daddy Ken! And great music once again by Jared Ringold! Great work everyone!

djseamus - Sep 25, 2007

A great song to start us thinking about Halloween. This is awesome Carrie! I liked the "Peanuts" reference, and the jab to Britney.

wildcard9 - Sep 25, 2007

Fantastic song!! Carrie was wonderful as always and Erin did a great job with her parts.

BathTub - Sep 26, 2007

Ha! Feminem, love it. You know, when you guys keep giving us great songs like this it makes it very hard to decide who to vote for each week!

zefuldar - Sep 26, 2007

Such a great job Carrie! And Erin Too! I luvs it (and I am a sleepwalking zombie) --Z

madmanOTL - Sep 26, 2007

Great job putting it together.

ronnie1969 - Sep 26, 2007

This is a great song! Great job to everyone involved especially to my daughter, you did an awesome job, I am so proud of you!

badavecom - Sep 27, 2007

Awesome, Excellent job with the backing track, and you just have to love the timing, a month before Halloween. . . -Below Average Dave

peterfump9 - Sep 27, 2007

Wow! Even more awesome then usual!!!!

UncleLumpy - Sep 27, 2007

Gads! How do you DO it?

Derwood Bowen - Sep 29, 2007

I never would've guessed you'd step this far out of your comfort zone. This pwned!

nickylynnluckes - Sep 30, 2007

Fun song. Very cool.

NakedBrainStudios - Oct 1, 2007

i know this soooo much... as I sit here drinking coffee in hopes that I wont fall asleep during my night shit.. this baby is going up at NakedBrainRadio!!

seamonkey - Oct 16, 2007

Can't believe I didn't get around to commenting on this one! It's been stuck in my head all morning Carrie! A friend's podcast played this last week and I've had to listen to it over and over since then cuz it's so darn CnC (that's Cute and Catchy... don't you know all these parody term abbreviations?)
Anyway, I really like this one!

Carrie Dahlby - Oct 16, 2007

Wow, thanks SM! :)

ProjectSisyphus - Oct 18, 2007

so cute...your daughter's a natural!

Carrie Dahlby - Oct 22, 2007

She's not my daughter :) I should be so lucky!

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