The FuMP

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devospice - Nov 23, 2018

I refuse to acknowledge the existence of this song as it's not the parody I've been demanding you make for weeks.

OK, fine, it's a good song. There, you happy!?

ldlang - Nov 23, 2018

You wrote this song while to make me aware of LYFT, no no I mean Luke Ski if you get my drift. I find it okay, can find the meaning without a GPS, but my rhymes are so poor don't give me no shit! I liked this new song Luke.

Carrie Dahlby - Nov 24, 2018

I like both the song and the career. :)

artpaul - Nov 28, 2018

Great Song ! sad you had to lose your other career to write it. Now we need to record one with Art Paul riding in the back while you are driving.

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