Funny Music Podcast, Episode 625


hanmerhack - Jun 12, 2022

Hey guy's, Talking about Metal music. I have a show on our local community radio station (And Now . . .; Saturdays at 10am. a shameless plug) I am also in charge of having to go through all the new music that is sent to us. Which is mostly electronic nowadays (Except for Carla Ulbrich who sent us a Twang CD :) ) and none of them put down their genre of music so I have to go through each song individually and organize them so our programmers can find new music for their shows'. Except for Metal bands and Jazz musicians. They always state their genre in the details. The two easiest music to place, also have the most helpful distributers. (oh and don't worry, I also abuse my position and put FuMPers into heavy rotation)

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