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Max DeGroot Please.......Not Again....

Please, not again...
I heard this song just an hour ago.

I've had enough Jose Feliciano
To last me the rest of my life.

Hey, didn't we just hear this verse?

Yeah, we heard this verse just a minute ago!

Now, let me see, uh, one, two, uh three,
four, five...
This song is around twenty words long,
and it just keeps repeating them over
and over
and over.

I mean come on! It seems the only reason they
keep playing this, is because it's in Spanish.
But do you have to keep playing it so often?

No, seriously! It's not the only Christmas Carol
in Spanish, you know!
Mannheim Steamroller recorded
Los Peces en el Rio, for heaven's sake!
Or you could play any recogizable carol
that was recorded in Spanish.
I mean, Enya did Silent Night in Gaelic,
for crying out loud!
Just play something other than this one!

Oh, is this over yet?

Yeah, I've had enough of this song.

Ah, finally the end of the so... 
Wait a minute...
Shut up!
No more!
Stop it!
Shut up!
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