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About Dino-Mike

Mike was born, did a bunch of stuff, and then decided he wanted to write comedy music... hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

In 1998 Mike began to submit his songs (which were recorded on a Talkboy recorder) to several comedy radio shows, but only one was willing to play them... The Crazy Jay Show. Host, Crazy Jay saw something that no one else did, potential (which is a nice way of saying you suck... but you might not suck forever).

In 2004 Mike released his first full length album Smarklies, which consisted completely of the parodies Mike compiled over the previous 5 years. In April 2007, Mike released his second LP, Komedykazi, which is half parodies and half original tunes. The music, the sound, and the singing have drastically improved since his first release. And better yet, the album is a Dual Disc (meaning one side is CD and one side is DVD).

Mike is hard at work on his third album, which will feature favorite songs like "Dork Whore" and "Baby Bump". The album is being promoted with corresponding music videos on the Dino-Mike You Tube Channel (www.youtube.com/dinomike13).

Now Mike is heard on The Dr. Demento Show, Kahn Mans Comedy Corner, DFSX Radio, Bofore Radio, The Crazy Jay Show and countless others. Mike has also performed his over-the-top live show in several famous venues, such as the Cat Club, The Knitting Factory and San Diegos Comic-Con International.

For more information on Dino-Mike please visit the artist's web site at: www.dino-mike.com

2009-03-25 (5 comments)
Dino-Mike Baby Bump
2008-11-06 (11 comments)
Dino-Mike Dork Whore
2008-07-21 (10 comments)
Dino-Mike Urine Trouble
2008-01-26 (4 comments)
Dino-Mike Deaf Jam
2007-08-23 (8 comments)
Dino-Mike Another 1985 Parody
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