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Insane Ian

About Insane Ian

Insane Ian is now on the main page of the FuMP! http://www.thefump.com/artist.php?id=43 Insane Ian is a comedian/writer from Baltimore MD who has been in several bands and enjoys writing third-person bios about himself.

In 1997 I.I.'s first real band began in college. Named after a line in fellow college band Satellite Feed's song "Einstien", the band was known as Insane Ian and Crotch.

Meeting up with guitarist Ernie Fowler in 2000 proved fortuitous, as the pair would form an acoustic folk duo known as Dick Snorkel. Amidst this musical deviation, Double I worked on some songs solo as a band called Evil Petting Zoo. Unfortunately, he didn't have much musical skill to begin with, so this was short-lived.

From 2001 to 2003, Insane Ian and his best friend DJ Wes K decided to enter the realm of comedy hip-hop, and thus PuddinG CapacitY was born. Realizing the irony of two white guys from the suburbs doing hip-hop, the duo enjoyed some small success with underground comedy and internet radio, fueled by the production prowess of DJ Wes K.

Wes would also assist I.I. with various solo songs performed at Science Fiction conventions for "costume calls" or Masquerades...some which actually won awards. There were also various alter-egos for PC (created to do songs that PC wouldn't) such as Dirty Sanchez & Hot Carl and the infamous and mysterious group known only as The Arabian Goggles, who recorded songs written on a dare. The two still occasionally work together on songs, but are better known as hosts of the in-need-of-a-new-episode Bad Idea Cast podcast.

In 2004, Insane Ian once again teamed up with a musical prodigy, this time arming himself with guitarist Mark Stevens to form Hint of Pledge, a band originally formed solely to cover "Albuquerque" for the "Weird Al" Yankovic tribute album Double I was producing.

Over the years, I.I.'s voice has improved, as well has his writing (though his writing is still the better of the two). Using the past years and various band experiences (as well as some of the songs he's written with them) he is now once again performing as a solo act (tho he has help from Benjamin Stahl and Michael S. of Baltimore metal band Scoundrel assisting with music). Simply known as Insane Ian, he released his musical comedy on the world in a 6 song EP released in January of 2009, in order to raise money for his wedding entitled "Please Buy This EP So I Can Pay For My Wedding". In March of 2009, his first full-length CD entitled "n3rds0ngs" (featuring Dr. Demento's #11 most requested song of 2008, "Guitar Hero") was released to much critical acclaim from the two guys who follow Ian around and like his stuff.

Now, as the CD hits iTunes, he's playing with the idea of performing live with a band. Stay tuned for news about "Insane Ian & The MusicIANs", as well as future releases, at his website.

For more information on Insane Ian please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.insaneian.com

2015-03-16 (0 comments)
Lugo's Wake The Bender This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
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Insane Ian JoCo Got Jacked [JoCo as a MoFo Version]
2010-06-21 (7 comments)
Insane Ian 24
2010-05-17 (11 comments)
Insane Ian Marry'd Lyfe
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Insane Ian Rated G Life [Johnny Rotten as a MoFo Version]
2010-03-01 (6 comments)
Insane Ian [Love Theme From] Asteroids [The Motion Picture]
2010-02-22 (14 comments)
Insane Ian DiG DuG
2009-11-23 (4 comments)
Insane Ian Death Star
2009-10-17 (5 comments)
Insane Ian The Legend of PRB
2009-08-24 (10 comments)
Insane Ian House!
2009-08-06 (5 comments)
Insane Ian Saving The World As We Know It [Mondays at Nine] - Live From Marscon 2009
2009-06-08 (6 comments)
Insane Ian Christina Ricci
2009-03-05 (7 comments)
Insane Ian feat. the great Luke Ski, Carrie Dalhby, ShoEboX of Worm Quartet, Odd Austin, Rob Balder, Jake Waters, DJ Particle, TV's Kyle, Possible Oscar, Chris Mezzolesta and Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America There's Something About A Zombie - The ZombAid Benefit Song
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Insane Ian Happy
2009-01-29 (2 comments)
Insane Ian feat. The Stacey Please Buy This EP
2008-12-25 (5 comments)
Insane Ian WOW, Christmas!
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Insane Ian Geekin' Out [Internet Song]
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Insane Ian featuring The Stacey Umbrella Chronicles
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Insane Ian Luna, See?
2008-06-15 (5 comments)
Insane Ian Hey There, Hermione
2008-03-16 (3 comments)
Insane Ian Guitar Hero - Single Mix
2008-02-11 (8 comments)
Insane Ian Guitar Hero - Rough Mix
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