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DJ Particle

About DJ Particle

DJ Particle is an openly lesbian comedy and satire music DJ and performer who bills herself as the "RIAAcidal Lesbian Parodist".

She has been the host of "Revenge of the Particle" and the "Mad Music Dementia Top 20" streamcasts, and its merged format "Mad Music Top 20 Revenge". Currently, she hosts "I Got Game", spotlighting video games and the songs inspired by them, and the YouTube Let's Play series "ParticlePlay". The show has flagship affiliates in Dementia Radio and MadMusic.com.

Since 1983, after first hearing of Dr. Demento, she has been trying her hand at writing parody lyrics of popular songs, much like "Weird Al" Yankovic (her original inspiration) or the great Luke Ski (who she counts as her current inspiration). Although she has not released any of her lyrics from that far back, she has released lyrics that she wrote as early as 1987.

In December 2005, she started recording some of her parody songs which later appeared on her first album Shiny Round Thing Inside.

She has performed as an opening act for Sudden Death at Marscon 2006, as a featured performer at Marscons 2007 & 2014, and as the host of the Dementia Fan Showcase from 2008-2014.

She is also an club-style DJ, having done short DJ shifts at the former Club Semesters in Ithaca, New York (under the training of DJ Vinny Marrero of TC Music) and Ithaca College radio station WICB in the fall of 1994, and having released a CD-length set in 2005, and numerous mash-ups, most of which appear as freebies on her website. She has also spun the afterparty for the popular "Club Trix" event on World of Warcraft.

For more information on DJ Particle please visit the artist's web site at: http://www.djparticle.com/

2016-09-29 (1 comment)
DJ Particle feat. Kavo Fel Majik
2014-07-05 (0 comments)
DJ Particle feat. Kavo, Ceschiia, Xinny Lishous, Break Man Z #BELFIE
2014-07-03 (2 comments)
Kavo feat. Letomi & DJ Particle Baby Got Caps This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2013-11-10 (2 comments)
DJ Particle Eat, Sleep, Raid, Repeat
2013-06-26 (3 comments)
DJ Particle as Carowyn Bloodstorm Pink Mail Bracers
2013-03-04 (3 comments)
DJ Particle Fan Geek Girl
2012-09-24 (4 comments)
DJ Particle Pandarendansen
2011-12-15 (0 comments)
DJ Particle [as Carowyn Bloodstorm] Daddy Winter
2011-02-21 (1 comment)
DJ Particle Gonna Make You Sore [Everybody Dance, OW!]
2010-10-02 (9 comments)
DJ Particle Could It Be You?
2010-03-06 (13 comments)
DJ Particle Fair Use
2009-10-10 (0 comments)
DJ Particle The Last Day of RenFest [Live at MN RenFest]
2009-06-22 (8 comments)
DJ Particle V For Victory
2008-12-17 (11 comments)
DJ Particle Technomusic
2008-10-15 (5 comments)
DJ Particle as "DJ Sadako" Sadalicious This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
2008-06-16 (5 comments)
DJ Particle PC08
2008-04-23 (5 comments)
DJ Particle Ode to a Food Critic
2008-02-03 (13 comments)
DJ Particle Fan Speculation -feat. Fan Dementia All-Stars-
2007-11-07 (14 comments)
DJ Particle The Tourist Rap -The Sequel-
2007-10-24 (5 comments)
DJ Particle DDR Failure Medley -FuMPsclusive Mix-
2007-09-02 (5 comments)
DJ Particle A Geek Like Me
2007-08-15 (11 comments)
DJ Particle Odin Maya
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