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Palette-Swap Ninja

About Palette-Swap Ninja

Jude Kelley is a chemistry professor with a keytar fetish, but he used to be a rocket scientist. Dan Amrich is a professional blogger with too many guitars, but he used to be a cartoon character. Together, they write and record videogame and nerd culture parodies under the name Palette-Swap Ninja. So everything you hear is their fault.

Jude and Dan met in 2003 when they both joined legendary Bay Area 80s cover band Fast Times. The idea for a videogame parody band evolved naturally over gaming and music conversations during long car rides home from rehearsal. While life eventually took Jude to Boston and Dan to Los Angeles, the magic of FTP makes PSN possible in that Elton John/Bernie Taupin way.

Jude and Dan kick around ideas for songs and ultimately pick one. Lyrics are a collaboration. Jude handles the keyboard and electronic drum parts and Dan tackles the guitars, bass, and vocals. PSN doesn

For more information on Palette-Swap Ninja please visit the artist's web site at: http://paletteswapninja.com

2012-11-24 (2 comments)
Palette-Swap Ninja Wii Christmastime
2011-11-09 (5 comments)
Palette-Swap Ninja Rage Quitter
2011-10-12 (2 comments)
Palette-Swap Ninja Halo All I Play-Oh
2011-09-28 (13 comments)
Palette-Swap Ninja Arcade Gaming Shrine
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