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Halfshell Hero

About Halfshell Hero

No one of real importance. A furry trying to do what he does best, an attempt to be funny. Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. he known to make a few people giggle to a laugh with his puns and quirky parody one or two liners to songs. Halfshell has also enjoyed parody music since he heard Weird Al's "Another One Rides the Bus". He enjoys slapstick movies and enjoys the acting of the late Leslie Nielsen.

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2017-12-06 (1 comment)
Halfshell Hero Achy Breaky Song
2017-11-11 (0 comments)
Halfshell Hero Star Trek Fan
2017-10-22 (0 comments)
Halfshell Hero Full Moon Rising
2017-06-03 (1 comment)
Halfshell Hero Sweet Bear o' Mine [Panic Version]
2017-03-08 (0 comments)
Halfshell Hero Hungry, Said the Wolf [Big Bad Mix]
2017-01-01 (1 comment)
Halfshell Hero Hungry, Said The Wolf
2016-12-10 (1 comment)
Halfshell Hero Ambitious Drive To RCFM [Country Version]
2013-09-14 (1 comment)
Halfshell Hero The Hungry Furries
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