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The Gekkos

About The Gekkos

Formed in 2007 with no particular goals in mind The Gekkos set out for world domination. Fueled by lack of sleep, Left 4 Dead and tasty accordion licks The Gekkos have strived to push the barrier between avant garde creativity and lyrics about Space Pirates. Blending ideas ranging from zombie apocalypse to dividing by zero. The force behind The Gekkos is Jared Claxon on accordion/guitar and Chase Long on drums/thunder tube. Together these two titans among men have formed the most epic band in the multiverse!

For more information on The Gekkos please visit the artist's web site at: www.myspace.com/thegekkos

2015-12-24 (3 comments)
The Gekkos Polka Never Dies
2011-12-22 (3 comments)
The Gekkos Christmas In Hyrule
2011-11-21 (5 comments)
The Gekkos Smitty Werben Jager Man-Jensen
2011-04-16 (4 comments)
The Gekkos Pokemon League of The Living Dead
2011-04-02 (2 comments)
The Gekkos Rowsdower- Anthem Of
2010-07-29 (6 comments)
The Gekkos Urban Astronaut
2010-07-04 (1 comment)
The Gekkos Divide By Zero
2010-06-28 (4 comments)
The Gekkos Velvet Pancake
2010-06-16 (7 comments)
The Gekkos Nintendo: 8-bit Love Song
2010-06-06 (5 comments)
The Gekkos Space Pirates!
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