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Max DeGroot Collide 
A parody of Howie Day's "Collide". Another song begging to be parodied.

2011-06-08 Balder
*snrk* I love that this bookends with Census. The female character is brilliantly flustered. This is great stuff, Max
2011-06-08 EclecticLee
Bwahaha! Wasn't expecting a sequel. Well done.
2011-06-08 mrwompy
This is another case where I don't know the song that is being parodied, but I agree with Balder -- it's hilarious how you keep stalking this girl! 8^) Good job!
2011-06-08 onib
This turned out really well. You did a great job holding those high notes. I always found that so much more difficult in a slow song.
2011-06-08 wildcard9
I love the cameo in this song. That guy just does not give up.
2011-06-09 voiceroy
Even if I hadn't already heard the Census song, I still would have found this amusing. Great parody, Max. This song was really begging for it.
2011-06-10 batlrar
Interesting. From the start of the song, I expected not to like this one. You tend to make songs that I like, even if I didn't care for the style of the original! Also, like everyone else is saying, nice continuity!
2011-06-12 davewhite
Extremely well done!! Howie do you come up with this in one Day? It makes a lot of census.
2011-06-20 rick cormier
Nice companion piece to Census, Max. I enjoyed this.
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