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Max DeGroot Robot Bunnies 
This takes some explaining. I have two friends who lately have been streaming their game play over uStream. One was playing an old game that featured a group of robot bunnies, which had an appearance at the end of the game that was hilarious. The second friend then started streaming himself playing New Vegas. While he was playing, I kept asking him if there were any robot bunnies in it. He kept telling me there weren't any, but if he found one, he would shoot it. So, I made this for him.
2011-02-26 MarlinsGirl
great song, Max. Is this a parody?
2011-02-26 Jeff Reuben
I somehow picture Bugs Bunny leading a hoard of the Robot Bunnies with a "Kill the wabbit" theme. Well done song.
2011-02-26 mrwompy
2011-02-28 EclecticLee
Oddly amusing.
2011-02-28 djseamus
Look "Dementia" up in the dictionary, and you will hear this song looping. Truly epic, Sir; has Dr. Demento played this yet?
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