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Max DeGroot Bring Back My Babs From Ian 
This parody is based on actual events. I'm just joking with this song, Ian. [YOU GUNKY!!!]

2011-01-09 badavecom
This love-hate relationship between you and Ian is hilarious. . .never heard the term Gunky before you two--but I have a decent understanding how it works. . .its always funny to read/hear songs about other parodists/comedians. . .
2011-01-09 MarlinsGirl
Very good song, Max. The term Gunky is from an old Bill Cosby bit.
2011-01-09 mrwompy
Great parody, Max!!
2011-01-09 wildcard9
This song so needs a responce song from Insane Ian :-)
2011-01-09 maxgoof
You're right, wildcard9!!
2011-01-09 dice1342
Very fun song
2011-01-10 Insane Ian
Hmm...now how to plot my revenge...er...response...
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