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Max DeGroot Manger Of The Rising Son 
Bob Rivers did O Little Town Of Bethlehem to this traditional song, but it's not the only famous carol that fits.
2010-12-13 wildcard9
Well done! I heard this before coming here, so glad to see that you knew that Bob Rivers did one of these already. Dipper is just so cute :-)
2010-12-13 maxgoof
Dipper: "I AM NOT!!!!"
2010-12-14 mrwompy
I'm laughing at your song right now. It's funny as can be. (Yes, you can sing this to that tune, too!)
2010-12-14 adamf
Dipper talking doesn't sound as good as in other songs, like the 12 days of Christmas. Singing is great though. You can fit a Hannukuh song too: I had a little dreidel I made it out of clay And when it's dry and ready Then dreidel I shall play.
2010-12-17 batlrar
Almost every time you release a song, I wonder a little more why you're not a regular FuMPer instead of in the sideshow. I used to like to do this with songs when I was younger; glad to see it's been kept alive!
2010-12-18 Balder
Grinning wide at this one, Max. Nicely done!
2010-12-22 onib
Wow! This was really well done. I loved the broad selection of Common Meter Christmas songs, but now I'm gonna be humming The Jabberwocky to that tunes for weeks! Thanks for the smile.
2010-12-27 voiceroy
Fun stuff, Max. You should have thrown in "Amazing Grace" just for the sheer heck of it.
2011-02-28 djseamus
I can't believe I missed this one during Christmastime this year; it's phenomenal! But fear not, this shall go on my play-list for Christmas in July when Summer rolls around. Keep up the good work, Max!
2011-03-23 djseamus
Thought you'd find this cool: the other day I fit the chorus of The Police's "Roxanne" into the chorus of "O Come O Come Emmanuel", hence a rock song fit into a Christmas carol, as opposed to your brilliantly-executed concept above. Giggled like an idiot when I did it.
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