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Derwood Bowen Mama Luigi 
It wasn't on purpose, but every CD of mine since 'That' has at least one song where I hilariously attempt to do a song that's slightly out of my vocal range. This will be that very song for the upcoming disk! This is a song that retells the story from the Super Mario Bros. episode called 'Mama Luigi,' which became an internet meme, and it is done as a parody of "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. If you haven't seen the episode, familiarize yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmaknzSZSCE

2010-11-08 wildcard9
"Slightly" out of your range? :-) Now I am curious how this sounds when you sing it within your range. Good lyrics, good backing track, but the vocals - ow my ears! :-) Yeah, I know, I can't do any better with my six note singing range.
2010-11-08 Derwood Bowen
It's all good! I actually learned from majorb that "If you don't like it, why don't you do better" is actually a fallacy! I appreciate the honest feedback, and I will work on it.
2010-11-08 weirdojace
Really the best thing to do is just put the song in a different key that you can actually sing in. Weird Al does it all the time, so do a lot of parody artists.
2010-12-10 amirightallstars
Yeah, I'm on that list, if I can't hit the original octave, I sing in an octave I can. . .well I try to:)
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