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Veronique Chevalier Vampire Surprise 
Here's an Old World Vampire epic unlike any you've heard before. It really cooks. Literally!

2007-11-08 devospice
Congrats on your win on The Mad Music Show with this song!
2007-11-08 DJ Particle
See the trick is to make sure you throw just enough heat at the meat before it just spontaneously combusts! ;)
2007-11-08 TVsKyle
I love this song. I hope to hear lots more from you and I hope to catch a live show from you sometime soon too.
2007-11-09 ProjectSisyphus
Ooh la la! C'est magnifique, Veronique!
2007-11-10 peterfump9
Just catching up after vacation. Outstanding and unique!
2007-11-12 badavecom
Certainly Unique -Below Average Dave
2007-11-13 VeroniqueChevalier
Thanks everyone. I just submitted a new (older) song that should appear on Nov. 26th, so hopefully you will get that I am not a one trick porno, er pony...
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