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DJ Particle Could It Be You? 
After releasing 3 originals in a row, my parody muse has been beating me over the head! So I came up with this parody of H*Wood's "Could It Be You?" Same title, but this one is about encouraging the greater dementia-listening community to exercise their own inner "Weird Al"! Who's the next to bring the funny? Could it be you?

2010-10-02 DJ Particle
Yes I know Sara Trice isn't changing her name. Talk at MarsCon made me think she was, and by the time I found out she wasn't, I had already submitted the song :(
2010-10-02 CaptNova
Emi it's a good tune. One of the gems to find digging though the sideshow.
2010-10-02 weirdojace
This is nice. You got some mad rapping skills, Emi.
2010-10-04 mrwompy
You have inspired me to somehow find the time to record one of those crazy songs that have been floating around in my head!
2010-10-04 Carrie Dahlby
Preach it, sista! This is freakin fantastic! You really made me smile today. Listened 4 times in a row. :) Production = your best yet.
2010-10-04 devospice
I'm not familiar with the original here, but I thoroughly enjoyed this song regardless. Nice work, Emi!
2010-10-05 davidtanny
Well done, DJ. Thanks for referencing Brokeback Mice in your lyrics. Steven Wheatley keeps playing the sh*t out of that piece on his podcast.
2010-10-07 JonnySpazzAlt
Like devospice, I'm not familiar with the original, but enjoyed the song quite a bit.
2010-10-07 JonnySpazzAlt
The parody, I mean.
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