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DJ Particle The Tourist Rap -The Sequel- 
Recently I found out that my favorite radio station of all time, "Cape 104" on Cape Cod, has come back, so I decided to do an update {half-parody, half-cover} of one of the funniest things I have ever heard come out of that station. Basically, one of the characters from the original decides to come back over 20 years later with her partner and daughter. Hilarity ensues.

2007-11-07 DJ Particle
Same deal as last time - if you have trouble downloading it here, it's on my MySpace too :)
2007-11-07 artpaul
Hey it's quite funny ! I can relate riding in the car with my wife wondering where we are.
2007-11-07 wildcard9
Great song! I feel the same way when I am outside of my local area and trying to navigate. For some reason, I was expecting the kid part to be done by Erin.
2007-11-07 DJ Particle
Oh god, WC... I don't have that kind of access yet. *heh* I'm still waiting on Carrie's parts for "Fan Speculation" *heh*
2007-11-07 rick cormier
Loved it! I live in MA, been to the Cape with the kids.
2007-11-07 DJ Particle
Oh god, WC... I don't have that kind of access yet. *heh* I'm still waiting on Carrie's parts for "Fan Speculation" *heh*
2007-11-07 ProjectSisyphus
Very cute! Bet this makes local Cape Cod radio.
2007-11-07 DJ Particle
That's what I'm hoping for. Assuming the new Cape 104 is still around come spring, I'm going to send it to them :)
2007-11-07 badavecom
What sites are you on Mr Particle? Soundclick? Garageband? I'm just curious because outside of Fump I've not found you in too many places, and I think you should promote your music a bit more. . .If you'd like to know some places where you can help get your music more spread let me know. . .you have a talent. Sincerely, Below Average Dave
2007-11-07 MrTuesday
MISS Particle. She's a woman
2007-11-07 DJ Particle
I'm on www.djparticle.com, and from there there is a link to my MySpace and my LJ :)
2007-11-07 peterfump9
This is really good. As someone who is constantly at the Jersey shore, I can relate to it. Most people have been tourists at some point.
2007-11-08 DJ Particle
MISS Particle. She's a woman

Yes, very much so. And that reminds me, PhilosophyGuy still has to re-record his intro of me on Podsafe Comedy Countdown #49. He got wrong my MySpace URL, the pronounciation of "Odin Maya", *and* my gender. -.-
2007-11-13 VeroniqueChevalier
Ms. Particle is Partic-ularly HER-larious! My father was in the military and I think I spend half my childhood riding in the car, moving from one base to the next, so I could totally relate to this song. Keep 'em coming!
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