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Max DeGroot Gone Fishing 
I don't know how many of you live close enough to Michigan to hear these commercials, but every summer lately, we've gotten deluged with these, begging you to spend your vacation time in Michigan. Probably because they are desperate for the economic lift. Here's a link to the commercial I'm parodying: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJQwBHTutRw

2010-06-20 nick007
When I saw the tittle "Gone Fishing" I was thinking it was a parody of AC/DC's "Gone Shootin" I'm NOT complaining. I never heard those public service accouterments before. I hope the oil spill is not causing em problems
2010-06-21 Blasted Bill
HEY!! I resemble that remark!! Most of the non detroit part of michigan(michigan has 4 parts, detroit, grand rapids, up north, and the u.p.)relies on tourism for $$. Michigan is a VERY beautiful place to vacation with all the lakes n'stuff. all thought the zebra muscles and Asian carp are killing the fishing ):
2010-09-19 Barnside
... Fish On.
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