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Max DeGroot Hey, Cheese Pizza! 
Another Dipper song. A parody of "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train, with a smattering of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by IZ thrown in.

2010-05-28 JonnySpazzAlt
The way you kept breaking into 'SOTR' cracked me up. "Stop singing that!" (PLLBT!) - "No whistling! - We're gonna have to re-do this..."
2010-05-28 weirdojace
Heh. Pretty good, Max.
2010-05-28 DJ Particle
There's a reason why Max could very possibly be DT20 Top Act of the Year, and this is only one example! :) Great work, Max!
2010-05-30 Barnside
Hello Max, Very good. On a side note, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," actually sounded pretty good - Go for it in all seriousness! (with a max twist) :)
2010-06-04 rick cormier
Interesting. I've got a SOTR parody coming soon too.
2010-06-06 peterfump9
I'll have a couple of slices of that! No anchovies, please.....
2010-06-29 deanmiller
Thought Art Paul might cover your song. Cheesy.
2011-03-03 djseamus
A brilliant pairing. Go Dipper Go!
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