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Max DeGroot Bathroom Blues 
A parody of "I Need To Know" or "Dimelo" by Marc Anthony. Anyone who has had to sit though a long, senseless business meeting will relate to this song. The speaking in the bridge is from Seth McFarlane's "Family Guy". Permission to use it is being sought, but it's almost impossible to contact him. This parody also features one of the best midi backups I have ever found.

2010-05-05 Insane Ian
This is another excellent song from you, Max. A great track, and it killed at Penguicon. Well done, sir!
2010-05-05 nick007
I always hated "I need to know" but this is decent. Considering the fact that I never had jobs that involved business meetings; this is a compliant. I'd much rater hear this when I turn on the raido instead of the overplayed "need to know" they are constantly playing
2010-05-05 nick007
I think I need to go
2010-05-05 JonnySpazzAlt
I'm with Nick: I didn't have a job like this either, and I didn't care much for the original, but still enjoyed the track.
2010-05-05 TVsKyle
It wouldn't be up to Seth. Fox owns Family Guy.
2010-05-05 maxgoof
I tried to find a contact point for Fox, too, to no avail. If you can help...
2010-05-05 nick007
I think I remember seeing some email addresses on Fox's site a while back. You could try useing the one related to prime-time lineup but there's not guarantee & it mite take a while. Sorry I cant help more that would be funny
2010-05-14 rick cormier
Nice vocals, Max!
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