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TV's Kyle Sheep in the Morning 
This one started as some ad-libbing to a yamaha beat way back in 1998. This version will appear on my upcoming album, "Let's All Do the Guk Guk Guk".
2007-08-08 devospice
Yay! Our first real Sideshow posting!
2007-08-09 TVsKyle
That's a neat comparison I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks!
2007-08-10 weirdojace
This song is so catchy! Good job!
2007-08-14 MarlinsGirl
That was funny, I enjoyed that.
2007-08-14 shoebox
2007-08-14 Fringe
Do you like sheep? I Like Sheep. Dot com. :)
2007-08-14 Derwood Bowen
Yay! Some new faces coming to a super-awesome website of funny music!
2007-08-17 robin_the_spiffy
2007-08-24 djseamus
If this isn't destined for Doctor Demento, I don't know what is...."Sheep" has to be the most demented thing I've heard so far on this here FUMP.
2007-08-28 davidtanny
I just threw in a request for your song for Dr. Demento to play at drdemento.com
2007-09-07 devospice
new test
2007-09-13 Rattface
Why can't I get this song out of my head?!?
2009-11-26 forestofthedead
Um...wow...that's the spirit of Doctor Demento for sure.
2009-11-26 forestofthedead
Um...wow...that's the spirit of Doctor Demento for sure.
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