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DJ Particle Fair Use 
After the plights of Below Average Dave, Peter Coffin, and yes, even a Weird Al incident in 2006, it seems to me like the music industry is trying to roll back the clock on the landmark 2 Live Crew case! I SAY THEE NAY!! Parody *is* Fair Use!

Though in an ironic twist, this song about Fair Use is actually my 5th original song, albeit done in a style sorta resembling the Ting Tings.

2010-03-06 Medemia
Holy cow DJ Particle! This song rocks more than the RIAA being thrown off a bridge! Great job and I'm recommending this to all my parody loving friends :)
2010-03-06 forestofthedead
2010-03-06 Spaff.com
I love Fair Use almost as much as I love fair abuse. Thanks for the shout-out, DJP.
2010-03-06 peterfump9
Excellent song!
2010-03-07 Derwood Bowen
One of my new favorite songs! I think every parody artist should know this song and know the legality of what they do, no matter what the RIAA throws their way!
2010-03-08 maxgoof
Nice parody of "That's Not My Name" by Ting Tings.
2010-03-08 Carrie Dahlby
Like I mentioned in person, listening to a parody was how I came to make purchases of Eminem's music, just like listening to a parody is how you came to purchase Lady Gaga. Great work!
2010-03-08 DJ Particle
Only a style parody, Max :)
2010-03-30 Jeff Reuben
Excellent job here, having more meaning for me having followed the badave saga of 2009
2010-04-09 voiceroy
Great song, DJ Particle. It's anthem-tastic and a great big middle-finger to the RIAA. @Carrie: Not even a parody will make me want to ever purchase Lady Gaga. I also find it ironic that parody prompted you to purchase Eminem -- Eminem's career was launched off video parody and yet he refused to allow Weird Al to video parody him. Jackass.
2010-04-09 voiceroy
And BTW, it's true that parody has prompted me to purchase albums by the original artists as well. I bought MJ's "Bad" thanks to Weird Al, for starters.
2010-04-17 DJ Particle
Actually, you may be surprised by Lady Gaga....she's not exactly a cookie-cutter pop diva. She writes her own stuff, for one.
2010-04-30 rick cormier
Hey DJ Particle, thank you for writing this. Excellent stuff here.
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