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Insane Ian [Love Theme From] Asteroids [The Motion Picture] 
This is a true story: Hollywood has actually optioned a film based on the Atari video game ASTEROIDS. Considering the game doesn't really have a plot besides "blow up the Asteroids before the crash into your triangle-shaped ship", this is very surprising. However, it seems that some plot details have been revealed and thus, this song was born. To me, it sounds like something Michale Bay would do...sort of "Pearl Harborgeddon"...so we had Aerosmith do the theme song.

Sadly, Stephen Tyler has just LEFT Aerosmith...so for some reason Trey Parker from South Park is singing it. And to get that raw, organic Trey Parker style to the lyrics...they have been improvised.

Seriously, though...ASTEROIDS THE MOVIE is a thing that is happening.

This track, and more awesome video game music, can be found on Insane Ian's new EP "fairly EPic", available at www.InsaneIan.com

2010-03-01 forestofthedead
Amusing song.
2010-03-01 lukeski
I'm going to make sure I get to Insane Ian's concert at MarsCon early to get a good seat, because I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THI-ING! :D
2010-03-01 timothyfaceneck
Trey Parker is my hero, and now Insane Ian is my hero, along with Trey Parker, Betty White, and a 50 pound brick of peanut butter (chunky). Amazing song!!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-03-01 weirdojace
That's one awesome Trey Parker impersonation.
2010-03-01 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Everything I could possibly say about this is expressed right here: http://www.channel101.com/shows/show.php?show_id=101
2010-04-09 voiceroy
This is epic funny, Ian. Reminds me a little of "My Heart Is A Thumb" parody of the theme song from "Titanic" in Steve Oedekerk's "Thumbtanic".
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