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Max DeGroot Census 
A parody of "Annie's Song" by John Denver. About the 2010 census and some poor schnook who doesn't have a clue about making romantic advances. Female voice is Babs, from "My Fursona".
2010-02-24 forestofthedead
2010-02-24 EclecticLee
Fun! Is it just me, or does "Babs" sound a bit like Mur Lafferty?
2010-02-24 Insane Ian
This is probably my favorite song of yours, Max. Very funny!
2010-02-24 Medemia
You outdid yourself with this one. By far your best ever. Now I have to ask how long it's going to be until you are an auxiliary member of the FuMP as this one deserved front page status! Oh wait... I do love this one though.
2010-02-24 maxgoof
Ian, to hear that from the artist of "DiG DuG" is an incredible compliment. Thank you!!
2010-02-25 oddaustin
This is pretty darn awesome, Max, certainly your best work.
2010-02-25 Derwood Bowen
Incredible! One of those "I wish I thought of that" concepts!
2010-02-25 Barnside
My you all be blessed with the short form Census!
2010-02-27 stevegoodie
Well done sir. That truly WAS silly. Not to mention clever. And, as the others have stated and undoubtedly felt... why didn't I think of that?
2010-02-27 maxgoof
2010-03-05 djseamus
Wow, this is hitting a little too close to home this week - just took the Census employment test. If you though the SAT's were tough...... whoo boy, you ain't seen nothin' yet! Great parody Max, and what a lovely voice and delivery Babs!
2010-03-06 peterfump9
2010-03-10 weirdojace
I agree with all of the above, this is very funny!
2010-03-23 ProjectSisyphus
Fantastic! Great concept and nicely executed.
2010-04-09 voiceroy
You have filled up my senses with hilarity today, Max. Genius. And a freaking awesome pun-inspired parody.
2010-04-30 wyrdwyrd
LunaticLee: I agree the "Babs" person does sound a lot like Mur, but I'm not sure if it's her or not. -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
2010-04-30 rick cormier
Very nicely done. I'm still smiling.
2010-06-28 EclecticLee
Wyrdwyrd: thanks for letting me know it's not just me.
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