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Max DeGroot Spike Jones 
A parody of "Still Crazy After All These Years" by Paul Simon. Had to use a midi file again, as there simply were no karaoke files of this song available, anywhere. Not funny. Nostalgic. A tribute to an all-time great dementia artist.

2010-01-13 maxsilly
That was... silly.
2010-01-13 MarlinsGirl
that was a beautiful tribute, Max.
2010-01-13 forestofthedead
That was an awesome tribute to a great singer. Very good stuff man.
2010-01-13 timinbovey
When I was a very small boy, perhaps as young as 7 or 8, we would visit my Grandma, and in what was my Grandfathers office in the upstairs of the house, was a Recordio record player/recorder/radio combo (which I inherited in the 70's and restored) and in the record storage cabinet in the bottom of this machine were about a hundred 78's. Andrews Sisters, Pied Pipers, Phil Harris, and Spike. This was my first exposure to Spike and I played those records over and over and over until the grooves turned grey. The Bubblegum Song, Cocktails for Two, Leave the Dishes in the Sink Ma, Der Fuhrer's Face. having these records available gave me a lifelong appreciation for crazy records and a sense of humor, and taught me to not take the world so seriously all the time. My collection of crazy records has grown exponentially over the past 50 years. Dr. Demento used to buy records from me back when I was dealing records by mail. Spike was a genius on so many levels. Remember, they did all that amazing recording LIVE in the studio -- there was no tape, no multitrack, no overdubs. A man who also did a lot of great childrens material later in his career. the man and his memory has my ultimate respect. And he was a damn snappy dresser, too.
2010-01-13 weirdojace
That was... silly.
2010-01-13 nerdspeak
That was... silly.
2010-01-13 stevegoodie
That was... silly.
2010-01-14 maxgoof
LOL!!! Maybe I'd best explain why I give that comment. If a song gives me a grin and a chuckle, that's what I say. I love silly songs!
2010-01-14 TVsKyle
That explanation was... silly.
2010-01-14 wildcard9
Stop it! Stop it right now!! This is getting too silly!
2010-01-14 cyberwraith
We passed silly about three turns back, when Beetlebomb ran that red light.
2010-01-15 mrwompy
.yllis ... saw tahT
2010-01-18 dino-mike
That was... silly
2010-01-22 Professor Incubus
Silly, that was very, said Yoda
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