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Max DeGroot Please.......Not Again.... 
Ever notice that when the radio or stores play Christmas Carols, that certain ones are played a LOT more often than others?

2009-11-12 MarlinsGirl
that was the best, Max!!
2009-11-12 garnsr
That's not just Xmas music, that's every type. 60 years of music to choose from, and we get about 60 different songs on most of the radio stations we get to "choose" from. Though, how many Xmas songs are there to choose from?
2009-11-12 maxgoof
I actually did research on that. There are well over a hundred different songs about winter, snow, and/or Christmas. Well known now. That's six hours of non-repeat songs. Each one has been covered numerous times. Which means they could put together a mix where you don't hear the same song for well over a day. But this one in particular gets played every three hours or so.
2009-11-14 voiceroy
Great job, Max. I'm surprised no one else thought of this previously. It was begging to be parodied in this way. There are a handful of seasonal songs I absolutely loathe and despise, and Feliz Nobinob (one of my nephews used to call it that) is one of them.
2009-11-15 Barnside
I wish that bloody song would stop too! What about us Pagans? Why should we have to listen to this sectarian turmoil every winter solstice? The Mohammedans don't waving bells at us, We don't get Buddhists playing bag-pipes in our bathroom, or Hindus harmonizing in the hall. The Shinto's don't come here shattering sheet glass in the sh*t-house and shout slogans....* all right, you get the idea. Great song. Now lets go after the Little Drummer Boy!
2009-11-19 downwithben
Brilliant! Agreed, I honestly don't understand why DJs can't put together more original formats for the holiday season. They have all year to come up with something! Although, I gotta say that my hat does go off to Jos
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