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Max DeGroot The Most Commercial Time Of The Year 
So, Halloween is finally over. Now it's time to watch the stores put out all their Christmas merchandise. And what better way to celebrate, than with a Christmas Carol parody about the over commercialization of Christmas! Yay! The lyrics were written by Chris Wolvie, and posted on www.amiright.com. He asked me to record this, and I did.

2009-11-04 oddaustin
This is the best thing I've heard from you, Max, very well done. Vocals were great, lyrics funny, and the music was quite awesome as well. Rock on!
2009-11-08 Barnside
It's truly the most wonderful time of the year! Krismess parodies! Don't change a thing. It's great.
2009-11-13 JonnySpazzbourne
That was fantastic!
2009-11-14 voiceroy
I wish you'd gone a little more exaggerated "Andy Williams" with the vocals, but that was nicely done. I'm still waiting for someone to make a video of Andy's original song with images and footage of everyone in the world for whom Christmas is not the most wonderful time of the year. I kinda hate that song and I bet a lot of other people do too for the same reason that it completely ignores reality.
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