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Insane Ian The Legend of PRB 
When I first met Rob Balder [author the web-comics "Partially Clips" and "Erfworld"...oh yeah, and one of the co-founders of the FuMP] at Balticon 2008, there was mention of a...persona Rob takes on at con room parties. Soon, i heard tell of the "Legend" of Party Rob...and thus this song was born. This song will premiere at Capclave in Rockville MD TONITE, where i'll be performing...with Rob Badler.

2009-10-17 lukeski
I look forward to hearing everyone singing this song in unison while raising a drink in the air at the Dementia Radio room party at MarsCon 2010. Way to go, Insane Ian! :D
2009-10-17 budsharpe
Good stuff. Not a word of it a lie.
2009-10-21 Insane Ian
Thanks! I'm surprised Party Rob himself hasn't commented (tho I know he's heard it, lol)
2009-10-23 TVsKyle
One of your best-sounding tracks! On the top two, I'd say!
2009-10-26 Balder
This killed at Capclave. Party Rob is deeply honored to be the topic of, and a part of, this song. Now where is Party Insane Ian?
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