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Max DeGroot My Mind Dwells In Strange Places 
The last Of the parodies from my first album, "The Sound And The Furry". I was going to post their earlier, but Steve Goodie posted his parody of the same song. So I waited. This was done with the help of my good friend, SK_1. And in case you were wondering who Doug Winger is, he is a furry artist known for drawn exaggerated...uh....things.

2009-10-16 voiceroy
Server no worky?
2009-10-16 voiceroy
This is pure dementia, Max. Doug Winger would be proud. I bet this song would go over huge at a Furry con.
2009-11-08 Barnside
The best of the best. I first heard this on DJ Particle's Show on Demented Radio. I had to hunt it down for a second listen. It's so true, so true, It would go over well with Furries and others ... some of us are truly demented being fans of the "4-Legged World."
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