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Max DeGroot Obama! 
I was going to write a parody of "I'll Do Anything" from "Oliver!" about ACORN and their proclivities in helping clients do just about anything, but it just wasn't working. Then I was looking over other songs from the musical and remembered "Oom Pah Pah", and suddenly realized how much that sounds like "Oh Ba Ma". This parody almost wrote itself.

2009-10-07 mrwompy
It's not playing, for some reason ...
2009-10-07 maxgoof
Probably because the server is down. Let me go kick the sysop. :)
2009-10-16 voiceroy
Can't believe there aren't more comments on this one, but maybe it was because the server was down. This was lyrically fantastic, Max. I really enjoyed it.
2009-10-22 peterfump9
This is a wonderful song.
2009-11-19 downwithben
This sounds like something the Capitol Steps would do. I love it!
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