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Beth Kinderman A tragic tale of epic love 
Okay, so that's not the real title of this song. But if I tell you the real title, it'll ruin the joke. Trust me on this one. The song's actual title can be found with the lyrics. Otherwise, all I'll say about this song is that it's inspired by a person that many FuMPers probably know very well, and that it also stems from my conviction that the funniest songs are also a little bit depressing if you stop to think about them.

2009-09-21 maxgoof
Somehow I missed the joke.
2009-09-21 gamerchick
2009-09-21 TVsKyle
Well, I sure get it! HAR!
2009-09-21 maxgoof
Oh, okay. NOW I get it.
2009-09-21 gamerchick
I think you have to be a fanfic nerd to fully appreciate it. (c; But it's not like this is the first in-jokey song appealing to a particular niche that's ever been on the sideshow either! Thanks for your comments, everyone.
2009-09-21 Dreamling
See, the thing is, after you know what the title of this song is all about, you actually start to see it in lots of other places, novels, movies, comics ect. it's the kind of wish fulfillment exercise we usually grow out of after junior high, we hope... P.s. Totally love this, gamerchick, very very awesome
2009-09-21 Insane Ian
This is fandom brilliance. This and NBW's "Fan Fiction" should be played back to back...awesome.
2009-09-22 voiceroy
Not particularly the kind of musical comedy I enjoy, but I do "get it." However, I have no idea what gamerchick means about "the funniest songs being a little depressing." I'd like to hear some examples of this with some commentary, perhaps in a blog-type fashion.
2009-09-22 voiceroy
I also don't think this song exactly falls into a description of "the funniest songs", but I realize that's just my humble opinion. I tend to be wary of any comedy artist describing their own song as being "funny". It's like how I could never stand Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon on SNL because they laughed at their own jokes. The audience, not the artist, should be the ones to determine whether or not something is actually funny.
2009-09-22 gamerchick
voiceroy - For an example of what I'm talking about, think "You Don't Love Me Anymore" by Weird Al. And I didn't mean for my explanatory comment about my songwriting process to be taken as yet further evidence of how Beth is an arrogant asshole. *sigh*
2009-09-22 weirdojace
Funny songs about depressing things: Skipper Dan by Weird Al, Amnesia Was Her Name by Lemon Demon, I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton, Hide Away Folk Family by They Might Be Giants.
2009-09-22 gamerchick
weirdojace - "I Feel Fantastic" is a *great* example and actually better than the one I came up with. Much of JoCo's work really hits the place I'm talking about in my comment.
2009-09-23 voiceroy
Oh, you mean like Ray Steven's "Hugo, The Human Cannonball." Yeah, I see your point now. Thanks for the examples, all. Yo soy comprendo. That's Spanish for "I'm no longer an ignorant bastard now." Also, gamerchick, I don't think you're an arrogant asshole. I don't even know you, let alone your asshole. And I apologize for even implying that you might be arrogant in my latenight rambling. (Translation: inane babbling blatherskite.)
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