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Max DeGroot Mister Yiffy 
Yo. This one here, goes out to all you furries out there, man, who gotta have one good yiff at a con, but for someone reason, ain't nobody out there, who want's to put up with your bullcrap, and they just can't take it no mo', yo. A parody of Akon's version of Mister Lonely.

2009-08-26 maxgoof
You can tell when a song has been up on the sideshow for three days, and doesn't get a single comment, that it must really SUCK!!!
2009-08-29 Ruben and The Novelty Shack
Hey, don't feel bad, mate. I thought it was good. I like your stuff, Max. You've got talent.
2009-08-29 wildcard9
Damnb it, Max, stop writing songs about my life!! Actually, I haven't made it to a furry con yet
2009-08-29 wildcard9
As for comments, I tend to make all of mine on the weekend, not during the week
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