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Insane Ian House! 
Just in time for the season premiere, Insane Ian brings you the lead track from his upcoming full length CD, "The TV Set". America's favorite genius physician [played by a Brit] is immortalized in song, parodying America's favorite band [who also happen to be Brits]. Special thanks to "jmanforever" from the MMA Forums for the "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" soundclip, Ben for the music and harmonies, and Tom for the Mastering. For more on Insane Ian [including his currently available CD, "n3rds0ngs"], visit http://www.insaneian.com

2009-08-24 oddaustin
One of your best ever, man. Great work! Very funny, and Ben did amazingly on the music.
2009-08-24 weirdojace
Awesome song dude, I played it on Dementious Maximus in the top 3 premieres. :)
2009-08-24 mrwompy
Fantastic! This is a GREAT parody song about one of my favorite TV shows!
2009-08-24 dino-mike
Dude, the vocals on the one are excellent! The mixing & the music are spot on too... alas, I have no idea what House is (commence ripping on me for failed pop culture reference).
2009-08-24 devospice
Definitely one of your best. Nice work!
2009-08-24 weirdojace
Mike, House is a TV show about a doctor who's a sarcastic asshole to everyone and each episode has a formula where he has to cure a patient and he always finds out it's some bizarre obscure disease that no one else knows about.
2009-08-25 madmanOTL
Awesome song. Loved it from the first note.
2009-08-29 Ruben and The Novelty Shack
Y'know, Tanny could learn from this. This is truly an awesomely produced song.
2009-09-06 deanmiller
Good job.
2009-09-27 kahnman
I See I'm Not The Only One Doing Beatle Parodys. Great Work!!!
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