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Insane Ian Saving The World As We Know It [Mondays at Nine] - Live From Marscon 2009 
This track, which you can find the studio version of on Insane Ian's full length CD, "n3rds0ngs" [available now at cdbaby.com, Amazon.com, iTunes, napster, Rhapsody, and of course, www.InsaneIan.com] comes this song, summarizing the first season of the hit TV show, "Heroes", in just four minutes, set to music by Rapid Eye Movement. Recorded LIVE at Marscon, March 2009. Special thanks to Byron and Luke for the recording, and Hiei for the water. ^_^

2009-08-06 oddaustin
I'm surprised you pulled this one off live so well, go Ian! Oh, and the song is of course very funny, and I'm not just saying that because I worship the show.
2009-08-06 MarlinsGirl
that was awesome live, Ian.
2009-08-07 Insane Ian
Thank you both! Glad y'all like it.
2009-08-07 madmanOTL
That was a great performance of that song live. Thanks for putting it up.
2009-08-13 dino-mike
Okay, that was pretty impressive... kudos to you sir. Lots of rehearsal time on this one.
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