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Max DeGroot Paul McCartney 
We're so sorry that we used a Midi version of Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, but we couldn't find one without the backup vocals. We're so sorry that the quality is poor, but we've been completely stressed out lately with personal things and haven't had time to do more parodies with the quality you expect. We're so sorry the theme for this was inspired by "Title Of The Song" by Da Vinci's Notebook. We're so sorry that we poked fun at this song, but when we heard it back in 1971, it was on the charts with "The Wedding Song" by Paul Stookey, which is a much better song, and both were at about the same position on the charts, so, one would expect the radio to play them both about the same number of times, right? RIGHT? WRONG!! They played Uncle Albert about three times as often! YOU STUPID RADIO!!! Grrr... We're so sorry for that childish outburst.

2009-07-15 garnsr
As long as the kettle's on the boil, we'll forgive you.
2009-07-15 mrwompy
2009-07-15 davidtanny
Who the fuck cares if you use a midi in the background. I like it. :-)
2009-07-18 voiceroy
I'll never listen to the original the same way again. Come to think of it, I never listened all the way through the original anyway because it was such a stupid song. Golden parody, Max. I loved it, and the so-called "poor quality" just made it funnier and more fitting for such a silly, stupid song.
2009-07-30 jamesonthenet
Tanny uses MIDI.
2009-08-04 Ruben and The Novelty Shack
"Who the fuck cares if you use a midi in the background. I like it. :-)" Only a complacent conformist, such as you would say that, Tanny. "Tanny uses MIDI." So true, James, only difference here is DeGroot has an awesome singing voice and uses it well, unlike the complacent David Tanny who's too afraid to get out of his comfort zone. @Max DeGroot: Max, y'know, if you're interested, I can make your MIDI track sound less like a MIDI. Look me up, I'm on the Mad Music Archive and on Skype for mor details if you're interested. Ciao for Now, Ruben
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