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Whatfor The Crance 
Hi, Luke Ski here, and today I present a song by my brother Michael and his band Whatfor, comprised of Michael Sienkowski, Elliott Kozel, and Phil Mahlstadt, sometimes known as Sleeping In The Aviary. Once while at a gig while another band was plaing an up-tempo number, Michael observed a sad gothy kid up against a wall, who was bopping to the music while maintaining his morose pose. Michael turned to one of his band mates and said, "He doesn't know if wants to cry or dance. I guess he'll just 'crance'." That was this inspiration for this ginchy Liverpudlian jam for all you emo kids on the dance floor. So everybody join Whatfor, and fake it 'til you make it with THE CRANCE!

2009-07-06 TVsKyle
This song is friggin' amazing. I love it. Love it. What a great garage rock sound!
2009-07-07 lukeski
2009-07-07 dino-mike
This is most excellent! I love the sound and just the immense talent to everyone involved. Great job! (downloading).
2009-07-18 voiceroy
Fun! And funny too!
2009-07-30 jamesonthenet
I do the Safety Crance? Welcome Whatfor.
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