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DJ Particle V For Victory 
"V" is returning, however, many people still have a soft spot for the original. For me, it was my first fandom.

This "dance-mentia" filk combines the Xonist philosophy of Pretanama, with the dance theories of Gagaism, blended together in a song that will keep you thinking about the TV show that, by its end, people were calling "Dynasty in Space"

This is not a direct parody, only a style parody, it is my third ever original song. Hope you like it!

2009-06-22 oddaustin
Arg! Now that I can hear the song I can clearly point out the lyrics that give me the clues to who it was style parodying! This a great song, Emi! Even if I've never seen the show.
2009-06-22 gamerchick
Awesome track! Your voice sounds terrific and I love the synth sounds. Originals are definitely the way to go for you. (c:
2009-06-22 badavecom
Very fun track DJ Particle. . .though I'm not sure who it was style parodying, it was very fun in a groovy dancey electronic-y sort of way:)
2009-06-23 davidtanny
Remember watching the show in c. 1983.
2009-06-23 badavecom
not to be funny David--I turned one that year. . .
2009-06-26 wildcard9
I missed the TV series, only saw the original mini-series that pre-dated the full series. Good song.
2009-07-02 DJ Particle
New version uploaded - I sharpened it up a bit in the infinite-band equalizer. :)
2013-12-31 wyrdwyrd
This is a good song. :-) -- Furry cows moo and decompress.
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