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Insane Ian Christina Ricci 
From Insane Ian's album "n3rds0ngs", this track describes how one fan's admiration of an actress becomes obsessive, and is in no way based in fact on my own personal experiences or pending lawsuits.
2009-06-08 oddaustin
I love, LOVE the music on this (Tell Ben he's awesome!). Definitely one of the best songs on the album. I'm not sure how many people have seen it, but you should've made a Penelope reference, cause that movie was pretty cool. Any way, great work! You rock, man.
2009-06-08 DeltOgre
Wow. Nice work, man. It's sort of like the "demented" Weird Al songs (Melanie, Good Old Days...) but goes into darker territory. I seriously like it. Very, very nicely done.
2009-06-08 dice1342
Great Song. Not my favorite from n3rds0ngs, but near the top. You did an awesome job on the album.
2009-06-09 Jeff Reuben
Great song, I enjoyed listening! I look forward to hearing more from the album. Cheers.
2009-06-09 weirdojace
Pretty good, dude.
2009-06-20 voiceroy
I've always been dying to ask Christina Ricci, "Is that your head, or is your body blowing a bubble?" Nicely demented tribute, Ian.
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