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Max DeGroot My Fursona 
A fursona is an furry representation or character of a person. There are two primary methods furs use to display their fursonas: 1. fursuits [expensive] and 2. artwork [much less expensive]. If one is not an artist, getting someone else to draw one's fursona becomes almost imperitive to a fur. This song is about the efforts of one such person. The reception of this parody basically launched me into do this a lot more often. The conversation is between me and Babs Bunny, who wrote all the spoken parts.

2009-05-25 wildcard9
Babs Bunny, huh? I take it "no relation" :-) Great song, I feel so sorry for that artist
2009-05-26 davidtanny
Max, could you please record your songs at 44kHz or else they will play at the wrong speed on live365.com Thank you.
2009-05-26 badavecom
I want a live365 account--too expensive:( This was a very interesting recording Max--certainly not your typical type of song choice, much better than My Balogna. . .nice job on reproducing the 'charm' of TOS
2009-05-27 maxgoof
My apologies, David Tanny. Let me adjust my mp3 maker.
2009-05-28 davidtanny
Thanks. I have Cool Edit 2000 to edit the mp3s and convert them to 44khz, but when it tries to open up 32khz files, the last 10 seconds of the songs are truncated.
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