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Nuclear Bubble Wrap The Environment - EP Version 
From our new EP, You Are What You Eat. Available here from CDBaby or iTunes! This is a song that was originally on our album Advanced at Nothing but we decided to redo it in the studio. So now it sounds good and stuff! This is a rather mean spirited original song written to scare my 11th grade chemistry teacher after he went on a global warming tirade. It worked. Features cameo appearances by Worm Quartet, Devo Spice, Steve Goodie, Dino-Mike, and Lemon Demon!

Jace McLain: vocals, keyboards
Kyle Thorne: guitars, bass
Steve Goodie: drums

2009-05-17 badavecom
Your old stuff was really good NBW, but I do hear the difference that professional studio is making for you in crispness of the recordings and such, good job on this one!
2009-05-19 dino-mike
That's how you write a comedy song. And the studio recordings take this band to the next level.
2009-05-19 Jeff Reuben
Good to hear your new stuff, I agree with everything said above. Looking forward to hearing more!
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