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Max DeGroot Raccoon Man 
This is a double parody. Rocket Max by Elton John and The Raccoon Song by Jon Hobson and Her Bad Review You may find me posting parodies that include The Raccoon Song because I attend a convention that always ends their Variety Show with that song, because the audience wants it, but the person running it is getting tired of it...so a number of people have been doing different versions of it.

2009-02-02 maxgoof
Sorry, if you get really bad quality when you click play. Don't know why that is happening. Try downloading it instead.
2009-02-03 mrwompy
I didn't have a bad quality problem -- great song!
2009-02-04 bjbuttons
I download the RSS feed of the sideshow and listen while i am at work. I head the first few bars of this and smiled and Knew it was you without looking at any info on teh MP3 screen
2009-02-04 maxgoof
Hi, BJ!!
2009-02-09 czwrefsteven
Another quality parody! Good job.
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