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Uncle Lumpy and the Salmon Moose Dungeons and Dragons 
A little post-holiday Holiday ditty about one of the most popular pastimes in all geekdom. Featuring "Hawthorne".
2009-01-31 oddaustin
I've never really played D&D but nontheless this song was awesome!
2009-01-31 MarlinsGirl
very cool song, Uncle Lumpy.
2009-01-31 lukeski
I demand more Uncle Lumpy tunes on the FuMP Sideshow! DEMAND, I SAY! (Full disclosure: The fact that I appear in this great song and am hosting Uncle Lumpy's tracks on my webspace in no way makes me a hypocrite, neither does it make his songs any less funny, nor invalidates my DEMAND for MORE from UNCLE LUMPY! Offer void in Middle Earth, Dinotopia, and Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.)
2009-01-31 jettabentham
2009-01-31 wildcard9
This was a great song when I first heard it two months ago and still is a great song today.
2009-02-01 dino-mike
That was pretty fun tune.
2009-02-02 maxgoof
"Gary Gygax made it with some guy that we forget" ROFL!!
2009-02-09 czwrefsteven
Uncle Lumpy has done it again! Another great tune!
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